IKEA vision and business thought

‘To make a superior regular daily existence for the numerous individuals’, this is the IKEA vision. Our business thought is ‘to offer a wide scope of very much planned, useful home outfitting items at costs so low that however many individuals as could reasonably be expected will have the option to bear the cost of them’. Our vision likewise goes past home outfitting. We need to make a superior regularly for all individuals affected by our business.

Discover how we work

also, how would we oversee it.

How everything started…

IKEA was established by Ingvar Kamprad in Sweden in 1943. Since that time, IKEA has developed into in excess of 50 distinct markets where we have 422 stores. IKEA Group additionally possesses its own sawmills and creation manufacturing plants Swedwood from 1990’s.

In the Czech Republic, IKEA is over 25 years available and runs 4 stores where more than 1 500 associates add to IKEA achievement and satisfying of our vision and our business thought.

IKEA culture

IKEA culture reflects Swedish roots originating from Småland in southern Sweden. Individuals living here are persevering, practical, help one another and live in a nearby contact with nature around. These angles are converted into IKEA values which structure the fundamentals of IKEA culture.

IKEA Key qualities

We accept that each individual has something significant to offer and we endeavor to have similar qualities in the manner we work.


Fellowship is at the core of the IKEA culture. We are solid when we confide in one another, pull in a similar course and have some good times together.

Thinking about individuals and planet

We need to be a power for positive change. We have the likelihood to make a huge and enduring effect – today and for the ages to come.


Whatever number individuals as could be allowed ought to have the option to manage the cost of a wonderful and useful home. We continually challenge ourselves as well as other people to make more from less without settling on quality.


A basic, direct and practical method for being is a piece of our Småland legacy. It is tied in with acting naturally and remaining nearby to the real world. We are casual, commonsense and consider administration to be our greatest foe.

Restore and improve

We are continually searching for new and better ways forward. Whatever we are doing today, we can improve tomorrow. Discovering answers for practically incomprehensible difficulties is a piece of our prosperity and a wellspring of motivation to proceed onward to the following test.

Distinctive with a significance

IKEA isn’t care for different organizations and we would prefer not to be. We like to address existing arrangements, think in capricious ways, investigation and set out to commit errors – consistently for a valid justification.

Give and assume liability

We have confidence in engaging individuals. Giving and assuming liability are approaches to develop and create as people. Confiding in one another, being certain and advance looking rouse everybody to add to improvement.

Show others how its done

We consider authority to be an activity, not a position. We search for individuals’ qualities before ability and experience. Individuals who ‘walk the discussion’ and show others how its done. It is tied in with being our best self and drawing out the best in one another.

Individuals and Planet Positive

For a long time we’ve concentrated on streamlining with assets. We have been making more from less, transforming waste into assets, sourcing vitality and materials in a mindful way and securing common assets. We need to have our impact in making a superior life for the individuals and networks contacted by our business. We bolster instruction of youngsters, help displaced people and take an interest in various supporting projects by means of IKEA Foundation and in collaboration with UNICEF.

You discover heaps of cash sparing items and arrangements in IKEA range to assist you with sparing vitality and water, and decrease squander.

These are just the initial moves towards satisfying of People and Planet Positive Strategy.

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